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DHI Cup 2019 Presented by LRP – stage 1 report

Updated 03/12 2018


Track address:

Odense Congress Center – Sparekassen Fyn Arena Ørbækvej 350
5220 Odense SØ


2WD and 4WD
Entry Fee: 680,- DKK incl. 1 set Schumacher front and rear Preglued control tire

Touring Car

Super Stock with LRP X20 13.5 motor and Modified, both TC classes using LRP control tires. Entry Fee: 580,- DKK incl. 1 set LRP control tire CPX V22 #65050

It is possible to compete in more than one class; it will be the driver’s own responsibility to have a marshal.



EFRA, weight, height, etc, 2 chassis allowed in all classes. Make sure your off-road car is not to wide, maximum wide is 250mm, some brands need narrower hexes not to exceed the rule of 250mm.
Touring Car bodyshells must be 190mm 4-door commercially available saloon bodies.
All bodies must have lights and grill, painted or using decals.

Only lexan rear wings are allowed.

Race format and battery rules:

DHI Cup own rule mixed with EFRA rules.

DHI Cup battery & charging/discharging rules:

maximum size: Lipo S2 Hard Case batteries L: 139.0mm W: 47.0mm H: 25.10, (Chassis location features additional to this dimension are allowed) all brands are allowed. Lipo batteries should be charge in a “lipo bag” at all times.
2S Lipo: Batteries may be charged to a maximum of 8.40v.
Max charging 12A – Max Discharging 20A

DHI-Cup Race format:

5 min heats, 4 rounds of qualifying, 3 rounds of all finals, can vary depending on amount of entries.

Motor – Super Stock:

LRP 13.5 X20 StockSpec # 50844 with fixed timing kit #50614 – motor and kit is not included in entry fee, you can use your own motor or buy one by the technical inspection,
Fixed timing kit for your own motor is available at technical inspection.
Prices: Motor 550,- DKK. (74€) Sensorkit 50,- DKK (7€)

No modifications are allowed (rotor, endbell etc.). Gearing: no limit
More info.

Super Stock Speed controllers:

Speed controllers: Blinky mode – no timing/boost.

Electronic driving aids:

The use of electronic driving aids such as Gyroscopes is strictly forbidden

1 pit space per driver, space size:80x90cm – we can ́t offer more than 1 pit space per driver if participating in more classes.

Touring Car:
LRP CPX V22 pre glued no. 65050, 1 set included in entry fee and only DHI marked tires must be used for Qualifying and Finals. It is allowed to use 2 set of marked tires for qualifying/finals. Marked control tires can be bought from the Technical inspection. Price 200,- DKK (28€)
Glue on sidewalls are allowed.

2WD Off-Road Control tire:

Rear: U6939 Schumacher Cactus Pre-Glued – Front: U6801 Schumacher Cut Stagger Low Profile Pre-Glued

4WD Off-Road Control tire:

Rear: U6839 Schumacher Cactus U6839 Pre-Glued – Front: U6856 Schumacher 4WD Front Cactus Fusion Pre-Glued

We can ́t guarantee Pre Glued wheels will fit all brand of cars and off-set is different from brand to brand and be aware that some car is getting too wide when using the Schumacher wheels. Some brands like Losi 2WD cars are using a different off-set on front wheels than the Schumacher wheels. Some brands need narrower hexes not to exceed the rule of 250mm. If you are using one of these brands please contact us before 31 December and we will find a solution, dhi-cup@odense-
Xray, Team Associated, Yokomo and Team C haven ́t issues with the Schumacher wheels.

1 set of Schumacher Pre-Glued front and rear tires are included in entry fee and only DHI marked tires must be used for Qualifying and Finals. It is allowed to use 2 set of marked tires for qualifying/finals. Marked control tires can be bought from the Technical inspection. Price for front or rear pre-glued tires 150,- DKK set (21€)

Tire additive not allowed, if using additive this will cause disqualification from the event
Cutting pins of are allowed, sanding (Dremel) pins off is strictly forbidden. Super glue on sidewall and pins are allowed.

Tire for practice can be bought at Technical inspection or you can bring your own tires or buy them at the Hobby Shops in the market area.


Communications Headset


Not allowed


We accept Visa and Mastercard for Control tires and motor purchase, for Danish is Mobilepay possible.


On-Road: Grey carpet, Size: 30x24m (same type carpet we have being used for the last couple of years), Medium to high grip.

Off-Road: EOS style carpet, Size 30x22m various jumps and bumps made of wood covered with carpet. High grip.

Market area

In the market area will you find some modelshops were you can find spares for various brands, etc.

Important Info

All kinds of airborne objects, like Drones, Helicopters, Balloons is strictly forbidden in the Arena, it can turn on the fire alarm and the race will be game over.

All kind of advertising and sales in the pit area or elsewhere in the Hall is not allowed without a written permission from the DHI organizers.

Participation in DHI CUP is at your own risk and Odense RC Mini Race can ́t be held liable for personal injury or property loss

Timetable – will be uploaded in January on www.myrcm.chThursday 9th January:

Hall is closed until 18.45. Registration 19.00 – 21.00

Friday 10th January:

Registration continue from 7.30 – 9.45, if you know you are coming later please send us an email The Hall opens at 7.00 and Practice is scheduled in time table – we will use both tracks at the same time, to get as many runs of practice as possible and 1 round of qualification. It can be up to 12 drivers pr. heat in Touring Car depending on the amount of entries.

Saturday 12th January:


Sunday 13th January:

Finals – 3 rounds of finals depends on amount of drivers.